Dewey Weber - Stylist - 9'6"


9'6" x 23.88 x 3.19

Nose: 19 3/4"  Tail: 16 1/4"

Color: Blue pigment with red airbrushed stripe.

Finish: Glossed and polished.

Fin System: SF box


"Although this is not the original STYLIST that graced the Weber line-up in the 60's, it does utilize its name. To put it simply, this is a PERFORMER with a wide round pin-tail... Everything other than the shape of the tail is identical to the PERFORMER (outline, rail, rocker, etc.). We needed a board like the PERFORMER that pin-tail enthusiasts would be interested in, so we re-designed the back end of the legendary square-tail....And the rest is history!! The STYLIST quickly became one of our best selling surfboards, so if you like a traditional pin, this is a must have!"

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