Thomas - Harrison - 9'9"

By Thomas

9'9" x 23 1/8" x 3 1/8"

Nose: 16 3/4 Tail: 16

Color: Tahitian Blue

Finish: Sanded Gloss


"Harry’s pretty picky when it comes to boards, he’s good at giving feedback and getting involved in the design side of things too. The Harrison is one longboard to cover all conditions – it works well on the points and the beachies. For someone like Harrison the board has to nose ride, turn, and trim, and it has to do it all well. The concave and soft bevel around the nose gives the design lift and creates suction up the face - its prowess on the nose far out ways its width, which has been known to mislead some on first impressions. The slightly narrower nose actually allows it to hang tighter in the pocket. An upturned rail gives an engaged feel and a reliability when pushing through turns. Just the right amount of tail width and rocker give it that nice balance of noseriding ability and turning that make it one of the most versatile longboards I’ve ridden."

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