XCEL - Drylock 3-Finger 5mm Glove


The Drylock 3-Finger Glove features an unmatched warmth due to its revolutionary TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, XCEL's warmest inner lining ever. TDC features mineral-enhanced smart fibers that recycle body heat into infrared energy for greater warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall performance.The exclusive, seamless, tapered Drylock wrist seals form the ideal fit with your wetsuit and helps prevent flushing. 

Thickness: 5mm


  • All new celliant black to stay warmer 
  • Quick-dry fibers that keep you drier 
  • Textured outer skin for wind-resistance 
  • Drylock wrist seals to lock water out 
  • Engineered design, creating the perfect contoured fit
  • Grip palms for ultimate traction on board 
  • Taitex outer seam for durability