True Ames - Wayne Rich Harmonic ‘67 10”


Designed by master shaper Wayne Rich, the Harmonic ‘67 epitomizes the perfect marriage of both pivot and drive for the classic-style noserider. It’s Wayno’s nod to his Harmonic ‘67 surfboard, which rolls all the best elements of 1967 longboard design–the pinnacle of the longboard era–into one board. But where Wayne really excels in the art of surfboard and fin design is his remarkable ability to skillfully blend homage to the past with his own progressive nuances. And this fin does just that: it bridges the gap between old-school and modern longboarding.

Born and raised in Hermosa Beach during the ‘Golden Era’ of South Bay surfboard building, Wayne learned how to shape by some of the industry’s greats. He then moved up to Santa Barbara, where his unwavering dedication to the craft has endured. Wayne’s profound understanding of design theory and expertise is evident in this fin, which translates to outstanding performance in all types of longboards.

What makes the Harmonic ‘67 especially unique is its swept back profile, which provides amazing drive when setting up off the bottom and through turns. This is complementary to its vast surface area, which delivers superior hold while walking to the tip and hanging out on the nose. 

  • Bridges the gap between old-school and modern longboarding
  • Its vast surface area provides anchor-like stability while its swept back generates incredible speed off the bottom and through turns
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish