Hyperflex - 5mm VYRL Split Toe Boot


Built using the same performance engineering that was used to developed Hyperflex CRYO Winter Boot. The VYRL 5mm Boot uses the same materials used in the Hyperflex VYRL suits series. Featuring a new strain of Quantum Foam neoprene which is ultra-light weight, and feverishly warm. 100% lined with Fire Fleece the same heat retaining lining used in the 5/4 winter suits. Quantum Foam neoprene and Fire Fleece provides ridiculous stretch, extended mobility and superior comfort while at the same time, all but eliminating cold water movement through the boot.

Thickness: 5mm


  • 100% lined with Fire Fleece™ the same heat retaining lining used in the 5/4 winter suits
  • Fusion welded seams
  • Locking internal skin entry cuffs
  • Dual axis instep strap allows for maximum torque and comfort adjustments
  • Integrated multi-layer sole, heal and toe layers are vulcanized as a unit to provide maximum support while not compromising flexibility.
  • Wide finger loop above heel for easy on and off
  • Square toe box design with internal split toe to avoid snagged leashes

    Sizing: Boots are made in standard US sizes. Sizes shown are Men's. Women should order one size down from their normal size. Example: Women who wear a women's size 8 should order a men’s size 7.

    NO RETURNS! Please   Email or call us (401) 783-2566 for any sizing questions.