SMTH Shapes - Humanoid - 6'0"


6'0" x 19 7/8" x 2 5/8"

Color: Clear

Finish: Sanded

Fin System: Future


"The Humanoid model is an all-round fun performance shortboard that we designed and tested for Matt Wilco during a request from an Australian magazine. The feedback from Matt was positive and promising. Thank you, Wilco!  We’ve given this model a revamp with a slight nip and tuck since its initial design. We tampered with volume and distributed it equally through the nose and tail to get a better-balanced feel. The outline is fuller all round although the tail pulls into a tight rounded pin. The low entry nose rocker has a little nose-flip making it sexy looking and works well in steeper take-offs. The bottom contour consists of a subtle single concave becomes a deeper double concave as it passes through the fin area. The tail outline is relatively narrow and pulled in for better control in the pocket or power carves on the face.

The Humanoid performs well in punchy steep beach breaks or high tide softer peaks. This is due to its relaxed bottom curve and having both nose and tail ends flipped up making this a fun performance board that will give you down the line speed without compromising rail to rail transition.

The Humanoid is best suited to mid-range waves up to 6ft for intermediate to advanced surfers that travel globally but need a one board quiver. This model comes as a quad fin setup allowing for many set up options to suit the surf."

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