True Ames - California Classic - 10" Blue


The California Classic is one of our core fins and best-sellers that’s been around for decades. It is a go-to, all-around fin for all kinds of boards and waves that will assuredly perform when you need it to.

The medium-sized profile and moderate rake of this template provide stability that you can have confidence in and trust. It feels great in both long sweeping turns and smooth rides down the line, and it excels in a variety of wave types found not only in California but around the world–from classic points and reefs, to beach breaks and beyond.

Don't know where to start on your fin journey? The California Classic provides a great foundation to build upon. As its namesake suggests, it has stood the test of time; and because of its unbiased design and superb versatility, it’s one we won’t be removing from the arsenal anytime soon.

  • A classic go-to, all-around fin
  • Full-foil and minimal flex provide both stability and reliability
  • The larger sizes are great for single fin longboards, while the smaller and medium sizes pair well with mid-lengths and 2+1’s
  • Solid fiberglass construction, gloss finish