True Ames - Tyler Warren Pivot 10.75”


We like to say that this fin has curves in all the right places, kind of like a magic board. Tyler Warren set out to design a fin with the intention of harnessing pivot, drive, and turning ability while longboarding. Once he captured all three of these elements and was able to harmoniously blend them, the TW Pivot template was born.

A Southern California native and talented surfer, artist, and shaper, Tyler has got a keen eye for drawing lines–both in and out of the water... This fin is a great example of that. Its surface area will keep you solid when on the nose, while its healthy amount of rake and relief towards the tip will allow you the ability to get a bit loose when you want as well.

If you’re in search of a fin that marries a traditional longboarding approach with present day performance, look no further than the Tyler Warren Pivot.

  • Large area with a healthy amount of rake and relief in the trailing edge
  • Made for longboarders that want to maximize both tip time and carving ability
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish