True Ames - Yater Spoon


Within the Yater Spoon lies what was a transformative shift from the traditional D-fin into a new realm…of fins that turn! This revered design was conceived in the mid ‘60s by master board builder and pioneer of the shaping industry, Renny Yater, who took the traditional D-fin design and removed a healthy amount of area in the trailing edge in order to create a “looser” ride. 

There are many master craftsmen that reside in our hometown of Santa Barbara but only a few have made as strong an impact on design at Yater. One of his most popular and well known surfboard models is the Yater Spoon. By integrating design characteristics of fellow Santa Barbara legend George Greenough, Yater created a thinner, lighter weight, and more maneuverable longboard that became an instant classic among surfers at the time. True to its namesake, the Yater Spoon fin is the perfect complement to the surfboard.

An iconic template of classic longboard surf culture, this fin’s legacy lives on. Its large area and swept back make it the perfect accompaniment to logs of the present day. If you want to drop-knee turn and swing the nose in between tip time at your favorite logging wave, this fin might just be the one for you.

  • Reminiscent of a D-fin, but with more maneuverability 
  • Large area and pronounced rake make it great for noseriding
  • Solid fiberglass construction, gloss finish